My name's Alex. I'm a CFI and I love what I do.

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I like playing planes and flying games.

I’m watching a Singapore Airlines A380 be badass on the JFK tarmac doing a hard stand operation. Air stairs are the way to go

May as well enjoy my hour wait at JFK

The one we all want || John Dibbs
Goodyear FG-ID Corsair

The Bristol Fighter F2b, nicknamed the ‘Brisfit’ or the ‘Biff’, was designed in 1916 by Frank Barnwell and Manufactured by ‘The British and Colonial Aeroplane Company’, it first saw service with 48 Squadron of the RFC on the Western Front, where the Squadron’s pilots were mistakenly instructed to avoid violent manoeuvres during combat because the airframe was structurally weak! (Unusually, as visible in the picture above, the lower wing was not fitted to the fuselage, but twelve inched below)
Rode bikes from NJ and down Manhattan yesterday, tons of fun

Anonymous: Good afternoon. Sir, I am about to finish my flight training and I am wondering, what will a beginning VFR pilot need. My friends keep telling me, to buy a quality headset. Can you give me some more advice? Thank you. Jakub

A good headset will last you a while. I personally got a pair of David Clarks when I first started flying and I still have them today, they’re great without being too expensive.

Aside from that, plenty of books, most of the ones I’d name are FAA publications and I personally prefer them over others like Jeppesen. The Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge and a new FAR/AIM are a good start.

Making friends at JetBlue

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